How to play Math Expanse
The goal of Math Expanse is to get the maximum game points by solving problems and completing tasks.
There is no single winning strategy.

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Tasks can consist of certain actions: moving between servers and rooms, increasing the level of access, joining servers into a network, capturing servers, finding information on servers, etc. To complete some tasks, it will make sense to team up with other players. Be careful, some artificial intelligence bots can pose as players.
Math problems
When you solve mathematical problems you get resources for completing assignments. Twice a week (Monday and Thursday), you will get four new problems. If you find the solution on the first try you will get two points, a solution on the second attempt will bring you one point. Solving all the problems on the first try gets you an extra point.

You can find additional problems in server files. You can choose to solve them and upload solutions to the system. In the case of these problems, the number of points you can get varies depending on the level of difficulty.
Servers and network
At the start of the game, you have access to one game server. Every server is connected to 4 others and you can move between servers when completing your tasks. Servers can be occupied by players or bots. The size of the network and its exact structure are unknown to you and one of your tasks is to figure out how the network operates.

In some cases, you will need to connect the servers to one another, and to do this you will need USER access. To obtain this level of access, you will have to spend one key received for solving mathematical problems; one key equals two points.

In order to capture servers that have been occupied by someone else, you will need additional keys depending on how many servers you have next to the server you are trying to seize.

Other players
At the start of the game, you will find yourself in a large underground bunker. In order to find out if there is someone else out there you will need to move around and explore different servers. The decision of whether to play solo or join a team is entirely up to you. You can win either way.

Meetings with sages
Once a month, you can join a meeting with sage mathematicians. Sages can give advice on solving problems, explain solutions, and disclose new information. You can choose a time slot and register for a meeting in your game profile.

If you get lost or confused, you can ask Helpbot for help. Be careful and do not share any secret information in your Helbot chat!

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