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There are several ways to help kids advance in math, but in our experience, the best one is to think outside the textbook. Math Expanse is an online game-based course that does exactly that: it encourages kids to learn mathematical concepts by solving cool math problems in a game-based environment.

Math Expanse covers 30 math topics going beyond the scope of a standard middle school curriculum. Players work on math problems on their own and in teams to get game points and complete game quests. Once a month they meet with expert math instructors in live online classes to go over the solutions and learn more about the topics they have encountered in the game.

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How Math Expanse Works
Created by experienced educators, Math Expanse combines problem-solving assignments with online teaching sessions where math experts share feedback and answer math questions.
Cool Math Problems

Twice a week Math Expanse players receive a set of math problems – over 250 of them – that cover over 30 math topics ranging from parity to combinatorics.

Team Up and Level Up
By solving problems participants unlock new assignments that gradually increase in difficulty. After conquering a single-player map they can move to a multiplayer map, join teams and work together to conquer new territories.
Save the World
With every solution, players advance further in the game with the ultimate goal of defeating an evil Artificial Intelligence program. Every player can contribute to the common goal no matter how long they have been playing.
Math Topics
Math Expanse draws from four content areas: arithmetic and number theory, logic and reasoning, combinatorics, and geometry.
  • True or False
  • Knights and Knaves
  • Negation
  • Working backward
  • Procrustes analysis*
  • Guess and check
  • Proof by contradiction
  • Counterexamples
  • Pigeonhole principle
  • Counting in two ways
  • Creating equations
  • Linear equations
  • Substitution cipher
  • Transposition cipher
  • Venn diagrams
  • Set theory paradoxes
Word problems 
  • Motion
  • Percentage
  • Work problems
  • Water jugs
  • River crossing
  • Alternating integers
  • Even parity 
  • Splitting into pairs
Invariant problems
  • Invariants
  • Colouring
Elementary number theory
  • Number patterns and parity
  • Decimal notation
  • Fundamental theorem of arithmetic
  • Divisibility by 3 and 9
  • Basic arithmetic of remainders
  • Fold and cuts
  • Graph paper geometry
  • Grid filling
  • Elementary enumerative combinatorics
  • Auxilliary graph solutions
  • Tournament
  • Graph isomorphism
  • Degree sum formula
  • Eulerian path
  • Planar graphs
  • Tree problems
  • Bipartite graphs
Math games
  • Position analysis
  • Symmetric strategies
Evaluations & examples (mathematical rigour)

Game ON!
  • 10
    countries and over 200 participants
  • 30
    math topics covered
  • 250
    problems and assignments
Why Choose Math Expanse
  • Kids explore math concepts by doing rather than observing
    The course includes exciting math problems that teach logic and math fluency by engaging children’s natural curiosity. Challenging kids to look for solutions to these problems helps them learn math in a new way beyond the limitations of a standardized math curriculum. This problem-solving method has been tried and tested by countries with strong mathematical traditions, including Singapore, China, India, and European countries. This is how mathletes and Math Olympics winners train.
  • Problem-solving builds new skills and improves learning ability
    Rather than memorizing standard solutions, players learn to integrate different areas of knowledge in order to understand how math works. This skill is transferrable to other areas as well. The parents of our students note that after playing the game their kids started applying problem-solving skills in their science and tech classes to a great benefit.
  • The game-based environment supports motivation and prevents boredom  

    Having to solve math problems week after week can become tedious and monotonous. Solving problems to complete quests, unlock maps and build teams is much more fun.
    Even if the player decides to step away from the game for a little while, their progress is saved and they can come back at any time.
Pricing Plans
Your child can join Math Expanse at any given time and work at their own pace. Try the game for free for 30 days.

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  • Lisa P.
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    This course has a great selection of engaging math problems that gradually increase in their difficulty. I never knew that math could be taught this way, by solving problems rather than learning theory. My daughter Esti is far from being a math geek, but she really enjoyed this approach and is looking forward to this year's tournament.

    Esti's school doesn't teach math at this level. I feel like she now can apply to a college prep program right away. In fact, this course does teach some college-level stuff like combinatorics and graph theory.
    I wholeheartedly recommend this program to kids who want to learn more about math in a fun and stress-free way.
  • Nina L.
    Bretagne, France
    Our family has been moving a lot for the past two years and this online course helped my son to stay motivated and focused on his math studies.

    The course is rooted in a strong mathematical tradition of problem-solving. It draws the best from the European school of math that challenges kids to use math skills at a whole different level.

    My son now applies problem-solving skills not only in math but also in his science classes. Thank you for making this possible!
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